Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Earthy bikini is a high quality swimwear brand which incorporates both fashion and sustainability. Our bikinis are made from recycled ocean plastic, approximately 1.4 billion pounds of rubbish per year enters our oceans which threatens marine life and pollutes beautiful beaches around the world. This is why we wanted to create a product for eco conscious people looking for a stylish bikini. Our bikinis come in earthy tones making them look both natural and timelessly fashionable.  

Eco Fabric

We proudly use ECONYL® fabric for our bikinis. The fabric is made by recycling nylon found in fishing nets, plastic bottles and other ocean waste. The nylon is then cleaned and put through a radical regeneration progress which recycles it back to its original  purity. The newly purified nylon is then processed into textile yarn which is used in our bikinis.


All of our packaging is 100% recyclable! Our bikinis are sent out in packaging made from sugar cane. We've also designed cotton bikini bags which are perfect for taking down to the beach or away with you on holiday. 


My name is Katie and I'm the proud owner of Earthy Bikini. I decided to start this company after finding it almost impossible to source a sustainable bikini which was both fashionable and well made. Whenever I go away myself I look for bikinis which have a simple design in natural tones. I'm also a massive advocate for looking after the planet, so I wanted to incorporate this into my business. It's shocking how much plastic is in the ocean and I think we can all do something to help.

Our Partnership

Earthy Bikini are proud to be partnered with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup www.bigblueoceancleanup.org (@bigblueoceancleanup). Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit Organisation that helps to clean coastlines across the world and educates people on how to be more Eco and use less plastic. We now provide ten percent (10%) of Earthy Bikini’s net profits back to Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. This is truly a passion of mine says Katie Goodwin the founder of Earthy Bikini, “I am so happy to have the support of an amazing non-profit like Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. They are so incredibly dedicated to the same cause that I am so passionate about. I hope we can provide a lot of funding for their amazing work. We will work tirelessly to do just that.” 

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